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The abbreviation KUNG appeared in the war years and stands for a unified body of normal size, for ease of use, all the same, 4 letters are used. This is a kind of pickup body cap that can make a closed one out of an open body. Such an acquisition enhances the functionality of a car: protection from rain, use at any time of the year, improved speed characteristics. Having bought a kung, you will give your trunk a finished stylish look, and this will make your whole car look more solid. Also, a closed pickup can improve the safety of things that you immerse in it.

Kungi for a pickup truck. Types and Functions     

There are several types of trunk lids for pickups, the most common today are:

  • standard type;
  • sports cap;
  • kung, which is invested in back

The most important quality of the roof is that for its installation does not require additional installation work (for example, drilling grooves), which will not violate the integrity of your car. Buying and installing a bodywork cover on a pickup truck is easy, and using its privileges is pleasant and reasonable.

First of all, pay attention to fiberglass kungs, which increase the aerodynamic properties of the car: a high level of air flow and pressing to the ground provide not only an increase in the speed of your car, but also its maneuverability. You can safely put any cargo in the trunk without worrying about its safety: in a closed structure no one can steal it, it will not accidentally fall out and will not suffer from sudden changes in the weather

Why is it worth buying a kung for a pickup from us?

"Auto-body kit" presents you a catalog with a wide selection of covers for certain pickup models. Here you can definitely choose the right item of equipment for your model.

Our company is contacted because it has long been able to gain trust and popularity with customers who make purchases on an ongoing basis. High quality products and a democratic pricing policy are aimed at the fact that the client felt caring for himself. It is in "Auto-body kit" that you can buy lids and kungs with a long service life and excellent technical indicators. Ordering products is very simple, you just need to place an order in the form specially designated for this and wait for your purchase. If you have questions or you can not make a choice, contact our professionals. Both on-line and in telephone mode, we are always happy to help you with the choice of aung for pickup.