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Pick-up liner

Protective liners in the body are necessary for any pickup truck, as these parts protect the car from scratches, chips, dents, the effects of harmful substances based on acid, etc. You can buy a body liner in the Auto-body kit online store on the website by selecting the desired model.

Pickup truck liners are a must for every motorist who carries bulky luggage in the back. This tuning protects the bottom of the body, as well as the side (including the hinged side) from scratches, rust, chips and significantly extend the life of the car. Now it will be possible to load boxes, barrels, furniture, any luggage into the body, and are not afraid that the body will be damaged. You can buy a body liner in the Auto-body kit store: choose the right model and order it on the Internet!

As a rule, the liner is made of durable composite material, the surface of which is smooth, repeating the bottom of the body itself. Accordingly, when loading luggage, it will not be necessary to lift objects, since they can easily be dragged around the body, and there will be no scratches or dents from sharp corners.

Mounting the body liner is easy, you can do it yourself, especially since each item in the online store Auto-body kit offers detailed instructions. If you have any problems, you can always consult with a consultant online. The pickup insert does not interfere with installing on the car and other accessories, which you can also choose in our service! A large assortment, an attentive attitude to each client and affordable prices for all goods are the main arguments why you should place an order now!