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Car mudguards

Mudguards are car accessories that are mounted behind the front and rear wheels and serve to protect not only you but also other cars. Many motorists are debating whether to spend on such protective shields or you can do without them.

Why buy mudguards for the car

The purpose of these accessories is to prevent water, sand, stones, snow, pieces of ice or chemicals from reaching the bottom of the car, as well as getting all of the above elements into the windshield of a car driving behind, as this can lead to driver disorientation. Installation of mudguards will help to avoid the bottom scratched and eaten by a rust, damages of a paint and varnish covering and even emergencies therefore each driver needs to buy a full set of forward and back mudguards.

How to choose mudguards by their varieties

For the manufacture of dirt shields on wheels use several materials:

• Rubber is the cheapest option, but rubber is not very resistant to low temperatures, it is not recommended for use in winter.

• Plastic - well tolerates temperature changes, but often cracks due to hardness when hitting hard surfaces.

• Polyurethane - the material is moderately flexible and durable, so it tolerates high and low temperatures and loads. The cost of polyurethane mudguards will be the highest, but the service life is the most significant.

Mudguards on a car can be universal or model. The first are suitable for any brand of car, have an affordable price, but do not look too elegant. The shape of the second is designed for the design features of a particular brand of car, so they fit perfectly into its design and fully perform their functions.

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