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Stickers on the car torpedo

Every car owner tries to maximize the appearance of their car, both outside and inside. There are many reasons to lightly tune the cabin. The driver may not like the base dashboard or it may wear out over time. Quickly and inexpensively give the dashboard an attractive appearance is quite simple, if you buy decorative stickers on the torpedo.

What are the overlays on the torpedo

Decorative overlays on the instrument panel are thin polyurethane stickers on a self-adhesive basis which are on sale in a ready set on all elements of the instrument panel. Torpedo pads are available for a specific car model, so each element exactly repeats the shape of the factory parts of the dashboard.

Features of the choice of stickers on the torpedo

The Avto-kit website presents a wide selection of stickers for the most popular car brands. To select the required set, just select the desired make and model of car in the search filter, and you will see all the available offers.

In our store you can buy decorative stickers on the dashboard of the Turkish company Meric. The thickness of each sticker is 2.5 mm, which corresponds to 10 layers of quality varnish. Thanks to such overlay the torpedo will be reliably protected from mechanical influences and will keep attractive appearance for a long time. High-quality adhesive base does not damage the surface of the panel, so after removing the sticker, it will have its original appearance.

Each set of car stickers is presented in several versions: wood, marble, aluminum or carbon. Therefore, when ordering, inform the manager of the desired version of the stickers on the torpedo.