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Every car owner strives to take care of their car so that it looks great not only on the outside but also inside. To maintain cleanliness in the luggage compartment and protect the upholstery from contamination and mechanical damage during the transportation of various goods, every car owner needs to buy a quality mat in the trunk. This simple accessory not only greatly simplifies the cleaning of the car, but also prevents the sliding of various loads and reduces noise and vibration while driving.

Car mats can be made of different materials, but the most popular today are polyurethane models. Polyurethane mats in the trunk have a number of significant advantages:

  1. They are twice as light as similar-sized rubber mats.
  2. The material perfectly transfers high and low temperatures, without losing at the same time the elasticity.
  3. The mats have a non-slip surface and a higher side, so the trunk will be better protected from dirt and spills.

In the online store Avto-kit you can buy two types of car mats in the trunk:

  • Universal mats are more affordable and focused on use in different makes and models of cars. The disadvantage of such models is that they are not designed for specific dimensions of the car, so their installation can cause problems: either the mat will not cover the entire surface of the trunk, or its edges will bend higher.
  • Model mats in the trunk are more expensive, but each product is designed for the shape and size of the trunk of a particular brand of car, so the coating fits perfectly and completely covers the surface of the trunk.

To quickly find a car mat, use a handy filter on the site. It is enough to choose the make and model of the car, and you will see a list of all available mats in the trunk that fits the size of the car.