Rear bumper protection

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Rear bumper protection

One of the most popular types of car tuning is the rear bumper protection, which is most often used by owners of minivans, crossovers and SUVs. This accessory allows to allocate the car among serial models and makes an exterior more noticeable. Despite the fact that most drivers use rear bumper protection as a decorative element, it also performs useful functions.

Why do you need rear bumper protection

The most common damage to the rear bumper occurs when parking the car in narrow spaces, when reversing the car encounters an obstacle. Protection serves as a kind of buffer: it absorbs some energy with minor shocks, protecting the body from scratches, chips and dents.

The protection also takes a hit when the car driving behind does not have time to brake and catches up with the previous car. In case of minor accidents, it will protect not only the bumper, but also the rear optics of the car.

How to choose a rear protection on the car

When choosing a rear protection, you must first focus on the brand of your car, because any protection is made for a specific model, taking into account its size and ground clearance. This is very easy to do on the AutoSite site - you need to use a search filter. The catalog presents rear bumper protection for all popular car brands of different years of production. After selecting the make and model of the car, all available offers in the category will open.

The design of the bumper protection is usually a pipe of different shapes and diameters. In our online store you can buy a variety of rear bumper protection options:

  • in the form of a single or double pipe,
  • straight or curved pipes,
  • protective system "wave",
  • corner pipes,
  • kangaroo arcs.

If the choice of model causes you difficulties or you need additional information on the selected position, our experienced consultants are always ready to provide comprehensive information and help you choose the best option for rear protection for cars.