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Front bars

Many owners of SUVs install reinforced bumper protection in the form of arcs on their cars. The most common variant of such attachments is a front bar (kengurin, yoke). Despite the fact that power bumpers are usually placed on SUVs, they are often installed on minibuses, trucks and even cars.

What functions does the front bar perform

Front bar is usually mounted on the front bumper, but also designs to protect the rear bumper. Power protection is installed in the regular openings of the car, so each car owner can perform its installation independently. 

Installing a power bumper is relevant when driving on the road, where there is a risk of the car moving into the pit and colliding with various obstacles. Front bar reduces the likelihood of damage to the body, crankcase, breakage of the gearbox or deformation of the steering rod. It also increases the safety level of the driver and passengers in collisions with other cars.

With minor impacts, the power bumper takes on part of the load. Of course, with a strong impact, the Front bar will be damaged and often without the possibility of recovery, but the body itself will remain intact or its damage will be less significant.

Many owners of SUVs use Front bar for purely aesthetic reasons, to make the appearance of the car more "aggressive". In addition, various accessories can be installed on the reinforced structure: a winch platform, searchlights, communication antennas, a spare wheel, etc.

Varieties of front bars

There are two main types of Front bar:

  • Horseshoe. A simplified version that protects the bottom of the car: grille and bumper.
  • Safari. A more reliable option that additionally protects the headlights and fenders. On a similar power protection, additional headlights are often installed.

Standard Front bar for SUVs are made of metal pipes (steel or aluminum), and kangarins with a square profile are used on large vehicles.

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