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Decorative overlays

Decorative overlays are such car accessories which, despite seeming simplicity, are capable to change essentially appearance of any car for the better. With the help of simple and inexpensive devices, you can quickly carry out self-tuning of the car to make it look more prestigious and modern.

Why do you need decorative car overlays

In addition to the aesthetic function, decorative overlays have a practical task: they protect the paintwork and individual plastic elements of the body from scratches and damage. Such accessories can be installed on the bumpers, doors, sills and other parts of the car that are most susceptible to damage. If the body has already worn out in some parts, many defects can also be hidden with the help of well-chosen accessories.

The online store Avto-kit presents several hundred different decorative elements made of high quality materials: thermoplastics, aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass and others. The catalog of decorative overlays for cars is constantly updated with new items to fully satisfy any ideas of car owners to modernize the car.

On our site you can buy decorative overlays for cars:

  • front radiator grille;
  • front and rear bumper pads;
  • rear bumper diffuser;
  • window and door moldings;
  • plates for license plates;
  • nozzles for exhaust pipes;
  • air intake on the hood;
  • overlays on wheel arches;
  • rear-view mirrors, etc.

Most of the overlays are not universal and are made for a specific brand of car and its design features. To quickly find the desired position, use a special filter in which you can choose the brand of your car and view the full list of appropriate decorative overlays that are perfect for the brand of your car.