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Crossbeams on car railings

Very often the volume of the trunk of the car is not enough to transport large loads. In this case, car owners install an additional trunk on the roof of the car, which consists of two parallel rails (railings) and transverse arches (crossbars). When choosing crossbars for railings, it is important to take into account the type and volume of cargo, it will depend on the shape and material of the luggage arches.

Varieties of crossbars on railings

The Avto-kit website presents two types of crossbars for railings:

· Rectangular profile. Such crossbeams can be made of steel or reinforced aluminum. They have a high load, but at speeds above 70 km / h make noise. Rectangular crossbars are ideal for transporting large loads in the city or at short distances from the city.

· Oval (aerodynamic) profile. The crossbars are made of aluminum and have special partitions inside, which increase the rigidity of the structure. The streamlined shape of the crossbars reduces air resistance when moving, which significantly reduces the noise effect. Some oval crossbars have a special T-profile - a groove into which the appropriate adapters are inserted for mounting on the roof of the autobox, trunk, ski mounts.


According to the type of capture of the crossbar on the railings there are several types:

· With tension system. Fixed with rubberized metal straps with a clamp. Due to the fact that the grip is adjustable, this design is universal and suitable for railings from 2 to 6.8 cm.

· Universal paw - a girth. Suitable for all types of railings.

· Crossbars for integrated railings. Have fastenings in the form of brackets of the special form and the size which fasten in the internal party of low railings.

Thefts with anti-theft protection have locks built into the stopper covers, which prevent unauthorized removal of the trunk.