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Chrome overlays for the car

Every car owner wants the exterior of his car to be as attractive and different from other cars. But professional tuning is not a cheap pleasure, so not everyone can afford such a service. However, everyone can afford to make their own car styling. To do this, in the online store Avto-kit you can buy chrome pads that will help improve the appearance of the car and give it an individual style.

Chrome car trim: beauty and functionality

Some believe that chrome on the car is used exclusively for decorative purposes. However, such tuning is also a practical solution. Chrome trim is usually installed on those parts of the body or interior that are most susceptible to external influences and wear. Most often, chrome trim is installed on door handles, mirrors, sills, radiator grille, optics and other parts of the car.

Decorative overlays can be made of different materials, but the most popular among car owners are chrome bags made of durable ABC plastic. The material is highly resistant to mechanical damage, moisture and heat resistance. It protects the original parts from corrosion, chips and scratches. On top of the overlays are covered in several layers with a special chemical solution, which gives them a glossy chrome color, which creates beautiful reflections and improves the aesthetics of the car.

Tuning the car with chrome plates can be done in just 15 minutes. No special skills or tools are required for this. On the reverse side of each pad is already applied adhesive tape with high adhesion of the adhesive composition, so you can not worry that the stickers will fly away at high speed or from impact.

How to choose a decorative chrome package

Chrome overlays are model accessories, so each set is selected for a specific car model. To simplify the choice of chrome packages, the site Avtoves has a convenient search filter. Just select the make and model of the car, and the page will open all available offers. In our shop you can buy chrome overlays on the most popular brands of cars: Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Opel, Nissan and others. We guarantee high quality of products and fast sending of the order to any city of Ukraine that you could carry out tuning of a car as soon as possible.