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Side steps Standard

Many motorists perceive side steps (thresholds) solely as part of tuning a car. And this is partly true, but in addition to impeccable style, these car accessories also perform a number of practical and protective functions.

Why do you need side steps on a car

Most often, side car steps are installed on SUVs or cars with high ground clearance. They act as a kind of step, which simplifies the boarding and alighting of passengers, which is especially true for children and the elderly.

Также подножки выполняют определенные защитные функции:

  • When installing side sills, the car owner may be less concerned about damage to the paintwork and dents in side collisions with another car, curb, or any hard objects. In such a situation, the steps will take part of the force of the impact on themselves, because damage can be avoided or they will be insignificant.
  • Side door sills protect the car body from corrosion, which can easily occur when paint is damaged on snow-ice drifts or long-term accumulation on the thresholds of snow mixed with aggressive chemicals that are used to clean roads in winter.

Where it is profitable to buy side car thresholds - steps

The Auto Obves online store offers the most affordable prices for standard side steps for SUVs and other cars from leading manufacturers of car accessories and auto parts. On our site it is possible to buy universal thresholds for cars and model products which form and the size accurately correspond to design features of concrete models of the most popular brands.

On our site there are three types of such accessories: a set on thresholds in the form of the bent metal pipe with an anodized covering, thresholds in the form of a pipe or a metal flat step with the attached plastic overlay.

Whether you buy aluminum sills, stainless steel footrests or models made of composite materials, you can be sure that all the products presented on the website of the Auto Body Kit meet European quality standards. Properly selected car footrests will look the same as the manufacturer's factory accessories, and their modern design will harmonize with the exterior of any car