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Railings on the roof

Every car owner periodically has the need to transport large loads. And even the size of the trunk of minivans and SUVs is not always enough for these purposes, not to mention the usual cars. In this case, it makes sense to buy railings on the roof of the car, which will help simplify the task.

What are railings and why they are needed

Railings are a kind of handrails that are installed on the roof of the car along the body. Some luggage options can be attached directly to the rails, but in most cases they are used as a basis for mounting transverse arches, special mounts (eg, bicycles) and rigid car boxes (aeroboxes), which are used to transport sports equipment, skis, snowboards, etc. ). You can also install special tents on the roof of the car on the railings, which are often used by fishermen and motorists.

Varieties of car railings

Railings on the roof of the car can be made of metal (steel, aluminum) or metal. To protect the material from moisture and other negative environmental factors, the surface is covered with a special powder paint. Supports (extremities) are most often made of plastic, less often - of metal.

All car railings are divided into two classes:

  • High - have a visible gap between the railings and the roof of the car;
  • Integrated - is a monolithic structure that attaches to the roof without a gap.

As well as other hinged equipment railings on a roof happen universal and model, that is intended under a concrete make and model of a car. Such structures are mounted in specially prepared by the manufacturer. Also car railings can be fastened on drains or for a doorway (for cars with a smooth roof).

On the Avto-kit website you can buy standard railings for the most popular car brands, as well as universal models that can be adapted to any car. If you are in doubt about which design is best for your car, the store's consultants will provide a comparative description of the different models and help you choose the best option.