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Chandeliers on the roof of the car

Among the great variety of additional lighting for the car in a separate category can be distinguished chandeliers on the roof of the car. Such an accessory is usually installed on minivans, SUVs, minibuses, special equipment. Installation of chandeliers on the roof of the car is relevant for motorists who often drive at night outside the city: on country roads or forest roads. Such equipment is most often used to increase the lighting at rally-competitions, car expeditions, hunting.

The chandelier on the car provides a wide and sufficiently powerful light beam (both vertically and horizontally), which helps the driver to navigate well when driving in the woods or rough terrain.


Chandeliers for cars can be used in several cases:

  • as the main world (instead of regular lights on special vehicles);
  • as an additional light (on any car);
  • like searchlights.


Additional high beam on the roof of the car can be made in the form of ready-made LED beams, as well as arches on which you can install additional headlights (halogen, xenon, LED). Additional headlights can be installed on the roof, bumper, hood, trunk or rack.

In the online store Avto-kit you can buy model holders for headlights and universal chandeliers on the roof of the car, made of stainless steel. Additionally, in our company you can order the installation of LED or position lights on the holder.