Window deflectors, hood

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Window deflectors, hood

Every driver knows how uncomfortable it can be to drive a car at high speeds. With the flow of headwind on the windshield, and with open windows and in the car, flies fly and small debris. Car deflectors help to cope with these problems. These are special protective devices that have a streamlined shape, so they slightly change the aerodynamic contour of the car and redirect the air flow with small debris so that it does not clog the windshield and interior.

Where car deflectors are installed

The hood deflector, which is also popularly called a fly swatter, is installed on the front edge of the hood of the car. It not only protects the windshield from dirt, but also prevents damage to the paintwork, which can occur from small stones flying from under the wheels of oncoming cars. This protective shield absorbs most of the impact, protecting the coating from cracks and chips, and the hood itself from strong dents.

Window deflectors, or windshields, are installed on top of the side windows and protect from raindrops and dust, as well as reduce traffic noise when the windows are open.

Installation of car deflectors is very simple and can be done independently. The protective shield on the hood can be mounted on double-sided tape, using special clips or screws that come with the kit. Overhead deflectors of side windows can be mounted on double-sided tape or adhesive acrylic tape, and plug-in (intra-channel) models have a thin flange, which is inserted into the window channel between the glass and the sealing rubber.

How to choose deflectors for the car

Each car model has a special design and aerodynamics, so the side window deflectors and hood deflector are designed with high accuracy for a specific brand of car. In the online store Avto-kit you can buy car deflectors for dozens of popular models and brands of cars. For a quick search, you can use a convenient search filter or seek the help of store consultants.

Deflectors for windows and hood of the car can be made of acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS plastic or acrylic. The latter option is the best, because acrylic successfully resists mechanical damage and shocks, perfectly tolerates temperature changes, so it retains its technical characteristics in any weather.

The online store Auto-kit offers window deflectors and hoods from the best manufacturers of car accessories, so you can be sure of the high quality of products and their long life.