Sliding door electric drives

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Electric sliding door drives

Those who are engaged in passenger transportation are not unaware of the problem of door malfunctions in minibuses. Repeated openings and closings, as well as excessive force that people put on the door, inevitably leads to the failure of the door lock and the support roller of the passenger door. This entails repair costs, and with high passenger traffic, such costs become regular. But this expense can be easily avoided if you buy an electric sliding door.

What are the benefits of electric car doors for cars

The automatic electric drive system is equipped with an electric motor and a control function from the driver's seat. Thanks to this, the driver can control the process of opening the door, which greatly simplifies the process of boarding and disembarking passengers. With an electric sliding door, people will not be able to leave the vehicle in an unauthorized place or jump out of it on the go. The device will also prevent the sudden opening of the door while driving, which happens quite often in a crowded minibus.

Automatic sliding doors close smoothly, which reduces the load on the door mechanisms and significantly extends their service life. In the absence of power supply the door mechanism allows to use passenger doors in a manual mode.

To increase the comfort of passengers on the Avtoobvis website, you can also buy high-quality electric sliding steps. Automatic models of footboards are operatively put forward at door opening and return to initial position after their closing. The footrests have a special non-slip coating, which greatly simplifies the boarding and disembarking of passengers in wet weather.

Each set of automatic footrests is designed for a specific brand of car, taking into account its design features and dimensions, so when folded footrests do not change the ground clearance of the car.