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Every motorist tries to improve the appearance of his car so that the car differs favorably from similar models. Various accessories are used for this, including spoilers, which not only change the appearance of the car, but also improve its aerodynamics.

Types and features of car spoilers

According to the place of installation of the accessory, aerodynamic body kits are of several types:

  • The front spoilers are mounted on the bottom of the front bumper. They increase the clamping force and improve control at high speeds of the car with front-wheel drive. Some models are designed so that the air flow is directed to the radiator and brake discs, which thus receive additional cooling.
  • Rear spoilers are mounted on the trunk lid of rear-wheel drive cars. The accessory provides influence on an axis of clamping aerodynamic force and improves coupling of wheels with a road surface.
  • Spoilers on the roof of the car break the air flow and prevent the formation of air vortices behind the car. This reduces the drag of the car. Some models are height adjustable.
  • Spoilers on the sides of the sills allow you to dilute the air flow under the bottom of the car, so the car is pressed closer to the road.

Many models of rear spoilers mounted on the roof of the car are available with a stop light. It has been proven that the central third stop is best seen by drivers driving behind, so this accessory increases driving safety.

A separate category is the rear window spoilers, which have little effect on the aerodynamics of the car, but allow you to protect the glass from dirt that flies from under the wheels.

How to choose a spoiler for a car

In the online store Avto-kit you can buy universal spoilers - serial products for cars of different brands, as well as custom spoilers for certain makes and models of cars.

Aerodynamic weights can be made of fiberglass (fiberglass), ABS plastic, organosilicon polymers, aluminum or carbon. Carbon spoilers or aluminum models have the best performance, but such products are slightly more expensive. A more affordable, but also durable option - spoilers made of ABS plastic.

The spoiler can be attached to the car in a hard or soft way. At soft fastening the special sticky tape is used. Rigid fastening is more reliable and provides drilling of openings with the subsequent fixing of an element on bolts.