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Overlay on a lattice of a radiator winter

In winter, there are many factors that can affect engine performance. The main ones are engine underheating and chemical reagents used to treat the road surface. Underheating increases fuel consumption and reduces service life, and aggressive chemicals can lead to corrosion and damage to metal parts of the car, including the grille. To eliminate these problems, it is enough to buy and install a winter cover (cap) on the radiator grille.

Installing a winter cap on the radiator helps protect the engine from sudden cooling in the cold during prolonged downtime and simplifies its heating, protects against aggressive chemicals, dirt, snow and ice that can get into the radiator and damage it.

Importantly! The winter cover on a radiator can be used only at minus values ​​of temperatures. Installing the cover at temperatures above + 50C can cause the engine to overheat.


Winter caps on the car radiator grille are of two types:

· Upper - mounted on the radiator grille;

· Lower - are installed on the lower part of the front bumper.


Overlays can be made of usual or shock-resistant ABS-plastic, and outside to be opaque or glossy. Usually winter caps on the grille are black or silver, but every motorist has the opportunity to repaint the lining in any color.

Like many car accessories, winter radiator grilles are model and are made for a specific brand of car: the shape of the cap completely repeats the contours of the radiator grille. In the Avto-kit online store it is possible to buy winter overlays on a lattice of a radiator on the most popular brands and models of a car. Use a search filter to simplify your search. Our range includes dozens of plugs for cars, SUVs and minibuses, so you can easily find the necessary spare parts.